Thursday, April 17, 2014

Epic Blog-Traffic #Fail at Chuckles Johnson's Little @Green_Footballs


Oh, how the once-mighty have fallen.

My post the other day, "Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., Kansas Jewish Murder Suspect, Made Democrat Congressional Bid in 2006," received lots of attention, and heavy linkage among the TCOT crowd, including an Instalanche.

My SiteMeter was rolling over pretty good, but not because of the Husky Ponytailed Loser Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who happened to come across my post while trolling Instapundit.

 photo 19ffca32-ac1d-41a8-a7e1-892c4c12f88e_zpsb1b75ece.png

 photo 73a675fa-ab9d-4c71-8eea-4f819e78fdba_zpsafcd75e7.png

 photo f04495ee-5187-4ab7-8dda-360ebea377fd_zps42e40e89.png

I noticed the sad little Chuckles link on Monday.

As you can see, iOWNTHEWORLD was throwing a mini IOTW-alanche, and Fire Andrea Mitchell sent over a few hits as well. Ed Driscoll also linked, and even Barcepundit --- throughout the day --- threw more traffic than the late-great LGF.

You see there at #73 at the SiteMeter page? That's the lone blog hit Chuckles sent my way all day on Monday. I've literally seen two more hits from the Lizardoid loser since then, at most.

Seriously. Does anyone even read that blog anymore? I don't think so.

I'm not linking the stalking asshat, although for some lulz check out Diary of Daedalus, "Charles attacks Bloggers for mentioning Frazier Glenn Miller was a Democrat:
Nowhere in his rant, does Charles contradict the fact that Frazier Glenn Miller was a Democrat at one point. At the end he once again ... ties Ron Paul into this whole shooting to prove Miller was not a Democrat. Charles presents no evidence an[d] once again just flings poo...
Well, of course.

Fact is, Frazier Glenn Miller first ran for office as a Democrat and returned home to racist party of hate in 2006. And most important, Miller was a grand dragon of Ku Klux Klan, the home of the Democrat Party since Reconstruction. And further, ideologically, hardline Jew hatred is virtually exclusively found on the far-left of the spectrum, and thus it's no surprise that Miller found inspiration in the vile ravings of Democrat Max Blumenthal.

It's not a pretty picture, which explains why Chuckles just won't go there and instead had to settle for squealing about some non-existent "right-wing" racist threat.